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What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a voice actor?
    Get involved with acting any way you can. Take classes at school or elsewhere. Do school plays, community theater, and everything else you can get your hands on. Practice acting as much as you can with every form of acting possible.

How do I become a voice actor?
    This is a tough question with a million anwers, but the short answer is to practice acting, make a demo reel, and send it out. You might also want to check out Raise Your Voice Acting, a blog run by industry veterans Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal. It includes excerpts from their award-winning book Voice-Over Voice-Actor, as well as voice acting exercises and hints and tips for aspiring voice actors.

How do I get into FUNimation?
   FUNimation accepts demo reel and resume submissions from everyone. Go here for full details.

Do you take commissions?
   I do take art commissions. Please check this post for further details and my availability.

Can you listen to/critique my demo reel?
   Actually, I kinda suck at critiquing demo reels. I even had outside help when working on mine. If you're looking for feedback, try posting at The Voice Acting Alliance or The Voice Acting Club.

What got you into voice acting?
    I've always loved animated stuff, and I really enjoyed acting as a kid. One day I suddenly realized that there were actual actors out there providing voices for the animated characters that I loved, and I knew that that was what I wanted to do, too.

How did you get into FUNimation?
    I submitted a demo reel. One of the directors took a liking to it and called me in to do some random background crowd noise as a test run. It seemed to work out okay.

Are you going to be in [anime series]?
    If it hasn't been officially announced yet, I'm not allowed to say anything about it.

Are they going to make any more of [anime series]?
    If they are, you'll probably know before I do. Japanese companies are responsible for creating new anime, and if they announce a new series, it'll probably be posted on a news site like Anime News Network. If you can't find any info about it online, then they're probably not making any more.

Can you sign something for me?
    If you bring me something at a con, I'll be happy to sign it for you. Unfortunately, I can't take mail in submissions right now.

Are you Johnny Yong Bosch?
    I am not. If you're having trouble telling the difference, just remember that Johnny is the cool one who knows martial arts, and I'm the skinny one screaming like a little girl while I run away from the guy who knows martial arts.

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